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Become our Business Associate

Welcome to our business associate page.  

We are going to launch this website on 1st May, 2001. Right now, we are offering you the most fascinating pre-launch business associate scheme. This wonderful scheme will earn you the most serious inquiries from all across the globe. And you can promote your products and services to these people and increase your revenue.

Details of Business Associates Scheme

This website is the premier website of Nexusnext.   We are going to promote this site heavily. It has already been listed in all major search engine with high ranking. We are going to promote it to all major classified sites and FFA pages once we launch this site.

Due to this heavy promotion lots of internet surfers will visit our site. And most of these surfers can be potential visitor to Nepal (and can be YOUR potential customer!!). These potential visitors to Nepal will fill in Best Deals to Visit Nepal Form (Click Here to see the form). This form is to know requirements and needs of the potential visitor to South Africa. This form will also have their contact details too. Now, we will collect all the details from this form and distribute you all our business associates. Then business associates can contact these potential visitors on their own and promote their products and services. And the most incredible feature of this scheme is that it is FREE!! Yes, we are not going to charge any annual or monthly fees from our business associates!! In Short, you are going to get some very serious inquiries FREE of Cost!!

Who can Join As Business Associate?

Anyone who are providing their services in/to Nepal or who are selling their products in Nepal can join us. (It is not necessary that he/she resides in Nepal).  The ideal business associates can be hotels, restaurants, travel agents, trekking agents, handicraft dealers, banks, air lines, transport operator, taxi operator etc. etc. The list is endless. In short, if you think you can be of any help to the potential visitor of Nepal, you can join us!!

How Can I Join?

As we have told you that this is a FREE scheme. However, to avoid mass participation and to encourage serious players, we have kept one time token joining fee of US$ 50.  We will explain you later  that we are going to return you much bigger amount than US$ 50!! We would like to emphasize on the fact that this fee is only one time joining fee and it has been kept just to avoid not so serious players.

Click Here to Join

After you register yourself with us, you will receive an e-mail from us , which will have an address where you have to send your one time payment to. You will also receive a free gift (worth $10) with this mail.

Do you have question(s) to ask?  Just mail us at

Do you want to know the benefits of Business Associates scheme, Click Here






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