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Benefits to Business Associates

There are several benefits to our Business Associates.

The most important benefit is you will get the most serious international inquires, which can easily be converted into real sales. And the most importantly it is FREE!!

Let's assume a hypothetical case.  Let's assume the most pessimistic figures.

Now, suppose this website gets only 5000 hits every year.  Only 20% of them are serious potential visitors to Nepal. (that is 1000 serious potential visitor to Nepal visits this site every year).  Now, let's assume that only 20% of these serious potential visitors to Nepal fill up the "Best Deals to visit Nepal form". (that is 200 potential visitor fill up the form).  Now, we will distribute the details of these 200 people among all business associates.  Now, after receiving the details you promote your products or services to these 200 people via e-mail, fax or letter.  Let's assume that you have a success rate of 20% (that is 40 people actual becomes your customers!).

Now, considering all these pessimistic figures, you get a customer just for US$1.25.  This is the power of Internet.  Consider your costs in classifieds, print media ad, television ad etc. and compare this $50 for lifetime.  (Yes, those who joins before the launch this $50 is lifetime joining fee).

And as we have promised you earlier that this fee is only to avoid mass participation and to encourage only serious people.  We are going to give you back this $50 in terms of.....

Once we receive your payment, we will send you the following gifts:

1. You will get one A4 sized page on our site. You can also put the link on this page which will take the visitor to your website. (Worth US$ 20)

2. We will advertise your product/service for FREE for first 2 months in major classified and FFA sites (Worth US$ 20)

3. We will also provide you with internet marketing course, which will help you in promoting your product/service on net. (Worth $195)

This is once in a life time opportunity. You will not get this opportunity after 30th April. After our launch this service will attract annual fee of US$ 75. So, Join Now!! You don't have to lose anything!! Don't wait!!

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